Filter sheet: a prerequisite for effective filtration

19 September 2022

The most effective method of liquid filtration is the use of a filter press, which means that the material to be filtered releases the liquid as a result of the physical action of the press. The heart of the filter press is the filter sheet, on the quality of which the success of the whole process depends. Let's see what you need to know about it!

The structure of filter presses is quite simple: the filter plates create a closed chamber whose function is to trap the solid materials in a liquid. The filter material, which can be paper or even a simple piece of cloth, is fixed to the frame of the filter plate. Drainage elements are built into the filter sheets to support the filter material and assist the filtrate to escape.

Fundamentals of choosing the right filter sheet

Care should be taken when choosing a filter sheet. The following considerations should be considered when making your decision:

  • chemical resistance,
  • differential pressure resistance,
  • filter fabric support,
  • drainage capacity,
  • treatment, maintenance.

Types of filter sheets

The thickness of the filter sheets should be chosen according to the unique circumstances: from an average of 400 mm x 400 mm to 2000 mm x 2000 mm, the filter sheets range in size, and the filter cake thickness ranges from 15 mm to 50 mm.

The filter presses with membrane filter sheets allow the filter cake to be mechanically pressed back so that more liquid can be squeezed out to increase the dry matter content. The filter sheets are available with both built-in fixed membranes and replaceable membranes. Filter sheets are also available in drip-tight and gas-tight versions. 

Filter sheets are therefore fully customisable, depending on the purpose, the material to be filtered, etc.

Chambered filter sheet vs. membrane filter sheet

The two main technologies for filter presses are chamber and membrane solutions. The technology used determines which filter sheet is required.

Chambered filter sheets

Chamber filter sheets are single-component and therefore more cost-effective. They can withstand filtration pressures up to 50 bar and can withstand high temperatures. They are particularly stable due to their reinforced edges. The filter surface itself consists of a piston structure supporting the filter cloth. This guarantees high filtration performance.

The membrane filter sheets

There are several types of filter sheets used in membrane filters. The basic welded membrane sheets are used for filtration with homogeneous chamber filling and standard parameters. Some versions can be used in empty conditions or at a low level without damaging the membrane due to compression. There are also replaceable membrane sheets and those that are resistant to corrosion.

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